NOVEMBER 5, 2019

Crypto Base Scanner
October Signals Recap

In October Crypto Base Scanner had the total of 6,175 signals across 10 exchanges. 5,815 (94.17%) of these signals reached +3% profit.

WR - Win rate
Hours to TP shows the time it took to get to +3% profit

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Profits distribution
All exchanges
All exchanges by base currency
All exchanges by algorithm
All exchanges by exchange
All exchanges by minimum volume
HitBTC by base currency
HitBTC by algorithm
HitBTC by minimum volume
HitBTC by markets' performance
OKEx by base currency
OKEx by algorithm
OKEx by minimum volume
OKEx by market's performance
Binance by base currency
Binance by algorithm
Binance by minimum volume
Binance by market's performance
KuCoin by base currency
KuCoin by algorithm
KuCoin by minimum volume
KuCoin by market's performance
Bittrex by base currency
Bittrex by algorithm
Bittrex by minimum volume
Bittrex by market's performance
Poloniex by base currency
Poloniex by algorithm
Poloniex by minimum volume
Poloniex by market's performance
Huobi by base currency
Huobi by algorithm
Huobi by minimum volume
Huobi by market's performance
Kraken by base currency
Kraken by algorithm
Kraken by minimum volume
Kraken by market's performance
Coinbase Pro
Coinbase Pro by base currency
Coinbase Pro by algorithm
Coinbase Pro by minimum volume
Coinbase Pro by market's performance
BitMEX by base currency
BitMEX by algorithm
BitMEX by minimum volume
BitMEX by market's performance